Friday, June 20, 2008

Backbone -- [Rich]

A strict vegan diet is thought to be behind the hospitalization of a 12-year-old girl who, according to doctors, has the spine of an 80-year old woman.


JimmyC said...

But I don't understand. I thought all vegans looked like Alicia Silverstone.

Anonymous said...

This is just disgusting. Everytime I hear some TV nutritionist bad mouth meet I want to scream. This is what happens when Human Beings try to be something we were not intended biologically to be! We have bacteria, electrolytes our organs our bones and skin are all designed to process meat into US. Greatest way to get protein ain't a bean its an egg. Fish, poultry and cow comes next. Of course Milk. What these people also don't know or don't tell you is that if milk cows arent milked the milk in their udders turns sour and eventually kills them. This is such a statement about the pretentiousness of dogooders. I hope the prosecutor throws a whole phone book at them. If this isn't abuse I don't know what is. Its right up there with praying for God to cure pneumonia because you don't believe in doctors. Kid dies, well obviously it was God's will.

Splash said...

Holy (organic) guacamole!