Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Quaint -- [Rich]

English as an official language? In America? WTF?


JohnFNWayne said...

I always crack up when I go to access the ATM and it asks me Spanish or English. I live in rural Ohio. The first Spanish-speaking person I see around here outside a restaurant will be the first.

There is a reason it's called a "melting pot" and if you aren't picking up the language, you aren't melting

K said...

The first Spanish-speaking person I see around here outside a restaurant will be the first.

You're missing out on all the cool wonders of diversity dude! I'm in SoCal, and this morning I drove to work past a truck proudly flying the Mexican flag. Mexicans stand in the parking lot of the Home Depot, run the local 7-11 and the closest market to my house "El Ranchito" has more Mexican products than US originated ones. The radio has more Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese stations than English language ones. In my graduate physics class at USC, I was the only caucasian out of 20 other students. When I go to vote, I can choose 3-4 different languages to vote in. And when I go for a walk around UC Irvine, I have to be careful not to appear to dis the women in head scarfs because their palestinian boyfriends will pound me.

I don't particularly mind. It's not boring and you meet some nice people. Funny though, I don't exactly remember giving any politicans permission for this particular demographic fruit salid.

Mrs. Right said...

My FIL emigrated here from Guatamala years ago. He loves America and speaks several languages. He is always telling non-English speaking Hispanics that if they want to get anywhere in this country they need to learn to speak English.

I hate that this country coddles Spanish speaking immigrants(legal and illegal). Were we bending over backwards to help the Italian, German or Polish? No, they learned, adapted and assimilated - they became Americans.

What this country is doing in enabling the Spanish-speaking immigrants, preventing them from assimilating into our culture. How do they think this fractuous approach is going to benefit us in the long run?!