Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's Put on a Show! - [Rufus]

"my dad has a barn..."

Alright Harriers (Harryacks? Harricanes?), if you aren't convinced I'm nuts yet this post will leave no doubt. There's been an odd convergence of coincidences in my life this past week that have all pointed to this one, very bizarre idea. The first few times the fates pointed me towards it I was convinced I was nuts, and didn't mention anything, but more coincidences continued to pop up. Today Glenn(?) over at Dirty Harry's danced around the same subject and I figure somebody wants me to put this into writing, so, here goes:

Let's make a movie.

None of us on our own has the ability to come close, but that's the beauty of this internet thingy; it makes for easy collaboaration across wide expanses of geography. Heck, even overseas readers like Guido and thud can pitch in. We write a script as a team. We solicit funding as a team (none of us can pitch in $1M, but we can find 100,000 folks who can throw in $10, or 1,000 who throw in $100). We find the resources (people, props, equipment) in the locations we need as a team. We are a smart group of people and we literally have natioinwide, semi-global reach. If you throw in our close circle of friends (outside the blogosphere) we are a very, very powerful bunch.

Here's the pitch:

There are two, big topical things particularly driving me nuts right now. I propose we take one of these ideas, refine it and run with it with the goal of getting something in the can (that is what you Hollywood types call a finished movie, isn't it?) in about six months. Here are my two suggestions;

1. An examination of national economies showing the truth of what works and what doesn't, kind of a reverse "Sick-o." We make it clear that free market capitalism works better than anything tried before, or currently being done, and we show the heros of capitalism who truly are inventing cures, saving the environment, caring for the needy, teaching our children...

2. A real, honest depiction of Iraq, life under Sadaam and the immense strides the wonderful men and women in our military have brought to the region. We show women's and children's lives and lack of rights before and after. We show the remarkable economic successes in the north, and other regions. We show the murderous chaos of those trying to destabilize the region.

For #1 I picture something similar to how Ben Stein did his recent ID documentary. A roving narrator (perhaps Ben Stein or P.J. O'Rourke in the flesh), schlepping around the world, showing power points and graphs, interviewing citizens of failed economies and captains of industry, etc. There are a lot of ways we could take idea #2.

So, anyway, I'm not good enough on my own to illuminate it all. That's the whole point of the exercise. I am good at organizing, however, and I'm sure some of you are even better. We already know Harry can direct. Troy is an attorney. Several of you are great screenwriters. Some of you must know how to work a camera. We even need people who can simply help write lists and keep track of stuff. Any able-bodied persion could be very useful. The first few steps I see are;

1. Verify Harry doesn't think I'm a freakin' moron.

2. Who is interested? Let me know if you are interested in the comments and give me an e-mail address to contact you.

3. Troy and/or any other attorneys; what do we need to have folks sign, how do we copyright ideas created in collaboration, what do we have to keep off the public internets, etc?

4. Can anyone do a high level time-line of what milestones have to be hit when in order to produce a documentary in 6 months?

I'm not talking "Lawrence of Arabia" here, I'm talking a low budget $1M or less, indie documentary that shoots in 60 days or fewer.


JohnF said...

I can order pizza. Hey, we got to eat, right?

GOPGRL15 said...

I could be interested Rufus.....hmmm fund raising might be difficult but its worth exploring.

blackhawk12151 said...

Well I don't know how much help I can be...I'm just a law student/personal trainer but I would love to be involved somehow

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Don't worry about your abilities/talents/location. None of you probably have less to offer than I, but 1,000 folks doing a little can do a lot. If we can get a few full times folks (Harry and a few students?), backed by a lot of worker bees we can move mountains.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Unlike me, you can write. I'll order the pizzas.

Stephanie, you have military contacts, contacts in D.C... I bet we'd be amazed with the results if we all got serious. One thing I know for sure, we are all sick and tired of the wonderful news of what our country's people do not being shown on screen.

Troy said...

I'm not a practicing attorney (I'm a professor now) anymore though I can help out with the legal groundwork -- we'd have to find a CA licensed attorney to do the actual documents. But I can help out initially with the legal stuff, writing, and myriad other ways since I'm here in SoCal.

Free markets -- Thomas Sowell might be cheaper (plus he's freakin' incredible), but Stein might do it for the love of free markets (i.e. cheap).

One other thing... can I have 75% of profits after we clear $400 Million domestic gross?

Troy said...

One other thing. I don't do full frontal.

A documentary of the making of our documentary might do even better.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I like it. A "This is Spinal Tap" treatment of conservatives trying to make a successful film. I'll order some pizzas...

JimmyC said...

Some thoughts:

How about selling "stock" in the film to raise the budget? 100,000 shares at $1 per share, and any revenues from the film are distributed to shareholders.

We might have a shot at getting chosen for You Tube's new Virtual Screening Room ( Or we can at least put a trailer up there with a link to where you can view it.

Like Harry said, the distribution channels are coming- the hard part is raising the money and getting it in the can.

Splash said...

I've been told I can write a feature film, but since this sounds like documentary territory, I will be happy to run catering (so long as I can eat some of it) or work as Troy's butt double. Or Rufus' butt double. Maybe even Stephanie's butt double. Just so I can tell the grandkids those are my cheeks up there.

fallingawake said...

A good place to start with the capitalism documentary would be an interview with John R. Lott, Jr. He's an economist who wrote "Freedomnomics: Why the Free Market Works and Other Half-Baked Theories Don't." He's probably more well known as the author of "More Guns, Less Crime."

He's currently a professor at the University of Maryland.

His book blog is here:

His e-mail address is on that page.

Mighty Skip said...


You can count me in. I have an old conservative friend who used to do some amateur film and he had a small, home studio and some descent equipment. I'm not sure if he still maintains it though, but I'll ask.

I may also have an in at a well known government building of a certain shape that shall not be named. My company might not appreciate me asking favors so I have to tread lightly but there are options.

If you want to do a pro-capitalism movie, I live in the Maryland/DC area and I have no problem doing some leg work. As falling awake mentioned, there are professors, think tanks and so on all around here.

P.S. I’ll do the full monty if that is what is required, but only if it is artfully done and enhances the story.

Troy said...

Skip... there are thousand tasteless jokes around that last comment.... I guess we should save them for all the evening talk shows we'll do. Conan O'Brien surely loves him some free markets.