Thursday, June 19, 2008

Read This, Susan Rice - [Rufus]

In mid-September, 2001 I read this document. I figured if some guy named Osama bin Laden wanted to kill me and my family I ought to at least understand what he's on about. Three main things hit me as I read it; 1. I was surprised how difficult it was to understand due to cultural differences. It's a very "foreign" narrative style and flows awkwardly to a western reader. 2. I was surprised at how explicit and honest Osama is in the document. Like "Mein Kampf" there is no nuance. No obfuscation. He states cleary and directly what he wants and what he will do if his demands are not met. This is not a document written by John Kerry. 3. There is no "second place" in his war. It's him or us/Weak horse, strong horse.
I find it nearly impossible to believe Barack Obama or Susan Rice have ever read Osama's declaration of war against America. You would think a guy who wants to be Commander in Chief of our armed forces would have bothered, but it doesn't look like he's found the time. I hope he does before January 20, 2009.


JohnFNWayne said...

I'd call this the usual "Chamberlain" mindset, but it's something much more insipid and more evil at once. There's a real self-loathing going on here. Attaching our rights and our system to people like this in the name of "justice" is absurd and it shows no understanding of how the world outside of Berkeley or the Ivy League works.

Susan Rice, fly to Pakistan and shake hands with Bin Laden. Your body will still be upright when your head hits the floor.

Outlaw 13 said...

The arrogance of these people is astounding...because they went to some "high speed" schools back east they think they know more than us uneducated yokels.

Additionally because I think they operate from the mindset that if a Republican did it it must be wrong mindset...they won't even consider continuing or tweaking what we are doing now...we just have to make them understand we aren't all that bad.

They are idiots pure and simple...and we all just might get to pay the price for their moronic worldview.

Mighty Skip said...

After hearing her words I think reading is beyond her capabilities. Yes this seems way past Camberlain-ism (is that a word?) or even BDS. Its pure hubris at the cost of lives. Our lives.

GOPGRL15 said...

Hate to say it peeps but I think Obama might even sort of in a bizarre way not care. If there is any truth to the DVD rumor of the Whitey rant and Michelle My Belle well......I think its beyond Chamberlian. I do believe there is a deep hatred of the United States that Obama barely conceals.