Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're Just Wild About Harry - [Rufus]

"let's all keep calm, folks"

I'm trying to keep up with both sites' posts and comments and hold down my job as an evil capitalist/industrialist. I feel like a 3 legged cat in a linoleum litter box and I also sense some confusion in the comments from you, our dear readers.

Here's what I know; Harry has not told me specifics about his relationship with the folks at "Liber," "Libe," "The site that shall not be named," but he did give me a very polite heads up about the need for this change and a request to post here as the dust settles. I have not had many personal interactions with the man, we've never met, but he has always been gracious and generous to me. I greatly enjoy his writing; he makes me think and laugh. I know no more of his personal life than what he has shared with all of us.

I feel confident Harry will continue to share his thoughts with us and provide a forum(s) where we can discuss the news of the day with each other. None of us yet knows the details, but life obviously threw the guy a curveball yesterday and I say we cut the guy some slack as he finds his way back to the batter's box. His writing has entertained me more in the last two years than any $10 Hollywood movie and he's never asked for anything in return. I sense the guy can use some friends right now. Go to DH's place and let him know you're with him; "Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

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JohnFNWayne said...

So, who buys the pitchforks and which way to Apuzzo's house? Or is that bit of an overreaction at this point?